With so many different events, holidays and occasions in our lives we often find ourselves having to send greetings cards or our best wishes to friends and family. But it can be difficult knowing what to say or write for these special days. We could do with some help finding the perfect words.

Here you will find the best card messages and quotes. They will help you to wish a friend, family member, colleague or someone else a happy occasion or best of luck for whatever holiday it is. Our congratulations or best wishes can be a real support and show how much we care to the special people in our lives.

Card Sayings and Messages:

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You might decide that posting something on Facebook or Twitter is preferable, as people share many quotes and messages to friends or family there, it's a good way to let a greater number of people offer their wishes and messages for whoever and whatever the event is.

And if you are close to the recipient of your card or message then you could consider a funny message or pun. Sending a joke or clever word play can put a smile on the faces of those celebrating and help to keep in the spirit of the occasion.


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We understand that writing card messages isn't easy. You want your words to sound heartfelt and be genuine, expressing how happy you are for your friend/family member/colleague etc. Take heart from knowing a card or message will be received with much warmth and appreciation. As long as you write from the heart and with sincerity then your words will have the effect you desire. If you are still struggling with what to say then you can try our writing guides for all kinds of greetings to get the perfectly worded message.

You may also want to send a gift sign your card/message. If so then knowing what gift to pick can also be tricky. Try our gift ideas to help you choose the perfect accompaniment for your card.

What to Write in a Greeting Card

Not being confident about what to write in a greeting card is all too common. You are probably worried about finding the best wording or struggling with writing and express how you feel.

  • Wishing you a fantastic [occasion]
  • Enjoy your [occasion], you've earned it!
  • Wishing you a truly happy [occasion]
  • Wishing you a wonderful [event] with lots of truly special memories
  • Congratulations and all the best for [occasion]
  • Sending you all my warmest wishes for your [event]
  • Here is to a lovely [occasion] that you'll remember for the rest of your life
  • We were delighted to be invited to [event] - Congratulations!
  • Enjoy your special day!
  • Let's party! Happy [occasion], and here's to many more

What NOT to say in a Greeting Card

You should try to avoid saying a few things in your card. On a day of celebrations you wouldn't want to upset the recipient with some badly chosen words or phrases.

  • Don't be negative. Try to keep your messages upbeat and positive, focusing on encouraging words and phrases
  • Avoid using anything religious in your message unless you are certain that the recipient will appreciate it. If you're in any doubt then just stick with a regular message
  • Don't go on for too long. You can write more than a single line but your message shouldn't be like a short story!
  • Don't be rude. Some people have relationships that allow for rude joking but for the most part it's better to avoid a message of this sort in case it causes offence
  • Finally - don't worry. Speak from the heart ad you'll be fine

If a standard greetings card message doesn't quite feel like it's enough for whatever the occasion is then you do have options. Using an inspiring or famous quote can make your message more interesting. Finding the perfect quote can be tricky though so our selection of quotations and sayings are ideal for adding some extra sparkle to a card.

You could also think about a religious message, prayer or even poem if you think these will be appropriate. A lovely poem or verse that shows you feel in rhyme is a great way to wish someone all the best in a slightly different way. And if the recipient is religious then a religious themed card and message or prayer would be ideal for celebrating their big event in a faith based way.


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